Smart rearview mirror
• Forward Collision Warning(FCW)
• Lane Departure Warning(LDW)
• Pedestrian Collision Warning(PCW)
• Monocular Panoramic Parking(MPP)
• FHD Night-Vision video recording
• All-day monitoring during parking
Technical Parameters
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FCW By monitoring on the distance from the proceeding vehicle in real time, the driver will be alerted as early as 2.5 seconds before the potential rear-end collision
LDW An early warning would be issued when the vehicle is unintentionally deviated, by monitoring on the current lane markings and vehicle trails, reminding the driver to keep in the current lane
PCW Issue warnings in case of danger to remind the drivers to avoid collisions with pedestrians, by identifying pedestrians in front and detecting the distances.
MPP Automatically switched to the monocular virtual mode when reversing, displaying the virtual panoramic map in real time. The driver would be easily view the reversing route and the scenes on both sides.
高清夜视录像 1080P forward and 720p backward video recording,
Ultra-Clear Night-Vision View,
Large FHD screen and touch panel,
Third-channel video preview, which can be used as blind spot detection on the non-driver side
全天停车监控 Monitoring mode during parking, 
Ultra-low standby current(500uA),
Fast boot time for recording (start recording in 1.5 secends),
24 hours all-weather monitoring (Collision Wake-up detected by G-sensor)