AI algorithm for Automotive
• License Plate Recognition(LPR)
• Vehicle Type Recognition(VTR)
• Forward Collision Warning(FCW)
• Lane Departure Warning(LDW)
• Pedestrian Collision Warning(PCW)
• Blind Zone Detection Warning(BZDW)
• Tired Driving Analysis(TDA)
Technical Parameters
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LPR Capturing image in real time, identify the license plate number in high efficiency and accuracy, and recognize the license plate number (>45pix) within 10 meters under the driving situation.
VTR The manufacturers and models of the current vehicle are intelligently analyzed, based on the shape and tail of the vehicle.
FCW Under the driving situation, the FCW monitors the distance between the current and preceding vehicle in real time, and warns the drivers when potential collision risk exists.
LDW Under the driving situation, the LDW monitors and identifies the current lane in real time, and warns the driver when deviating from the lane unintentionally.
PCW Under the driving situation , the PCW will issue a timely warning when a potential consolidation with a pedestrian or bicycle is detected.
BZDW A warning would be issued in real time when vehicles or pedestrians appear in both sides area by real-time monitoring.